Flomics COVID-19 NGS platform

by Flomics Biotech SL

Flomics has joined forces with international biotech partners, specialized in Next Generation Sequencing tests, to develop a cloud-based data analysis solution for COVID19 detection and research.

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'It is important to invest in medicine and science'

by Centre for Genomic Regulation

​Interview with Dr. Luis Serrano, Director of Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Barcelona. CRG is a biomedical research institute with programmes on Bioinformatics and Genomics, Cell and Developm...

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Technical standards for the interpretation and reporting of CNVs

by DREAMgenics

In the last few years, the study of C​NVs (Copy Number Variations) has acquired great relevance for the postnatal evaluation of individuals with intellectual disability, developmental delay, autism ...

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The 3rd European Conference on Translational Bioinformatics brings together more than 130 experts

by IMIM - Institut Hospital del Mar d'Investigacions Mèdiques

Attendees discussed the recent advances in information technologies that are facilitating translational research and precision medicine.

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Mind the Byte and Prosilico sign a strategic partnership agreement

by Mind the Byte

Mind the Byte, a bioinformatics company located at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB) and at Copenhagen BioScience Park (COBIS), announces that it has just signed an agreement to share technology with t...

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IRB Barcelona opens brand new laboratory for analysis of genomic 'big data'

by Parc Científic de Barcelona

Researcher in the field of bioinformatics and genomics Fran Supek is starting his Genome Data Science (aGENDAS) laboratory at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona), within the Str...

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Mind the Byte presents strategic plan through 2020

by Mind the Byte

Over these four years, Mind the Byte proposes to float shares on the British Alternative Investment Market (AIM), see revenue of at least ten million euros and position the company as a benchmark in c...

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BIB launches its website to boost visibility of catalan bioinformatic potential


Bioinformatics Barcelona boosts its digital presence to become the meeting point for the bioinformatics community, with a web that details the bioinformatic activities of 40 partners and over 80 resea...

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Citizen science project 'Stick Out Your Tongue' draws up the first oral microbiome map for the youth of Spain

by Centre for Genomic Regulation

The results of the scientific study have revealed an initial oral microbiome map of young people, pointing to significant differences according to their geographic location, dietary or lifestyle facto...

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GreeNC, the first database of non-coding RNAs in plants

by Parc Científic de Barcelona

Sequentia Biotech, a company based at the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), has developed the first database of non-coding RNAs in vegetal species: GreeNC. It is a repository of more than 200,000 lncRNAs ...

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Europe injects 3 million euros into three-dimensional genomics

by IRB Barcelona - Instituto de Investigación Biomédica

3D genomics provides information about the structures adopted by folded DNA inside a cell and about how they change over time and in response to alterations in cell environment. Over three years, the ...

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