Atrys is a biomedical company dedicated to provide diagnostic services and excelence medical treatments. It aims is to facilitate patients with individualized therapy, as well as to develop new therapeutic modalities and diagnostic tools.

The company was founded in 2007 by a group of doctors and cancer experts led by Dr. Carlos Cordon-Cardo, with the aim of providing a new model in the clinical management of cancer, by combining innovative and precise diagnostic techniques surgical and molecular pathology, along with new radiotherapy treatments.

  • Area of Activity
  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Cardiovascular and circulatory system
  • Cancer
  • Dermatology
  • Biotechnology kits
  • Software development
  • Diagnostic - Imaging
  • Internet and information technologies
  • Oftalmology
  • Other enhancement techniques (molecular marker..)
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Cellular Therapy
  • Gene Therapy
  • Technology transfer
  • Company type
  • Health Biotechnology
  • Technology Services
  • Agrifood Biotechnology - Vererinary - Environmental
  • Services and consulting for biotech sector
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Madrid , Madrid 28001, ES
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C/Provença 392, planta baixa
Barcelona, Barcelona 08025, ES
P: +34 902 109 053
Edificio Genyo (PTCS) Av. Ilustración 114
Granada, Granada 18007, ES
P: +34 958 715 500, ext. 125

The management team consists of scientists and senior managers with a solid career in the field of health. In total, Atrys has now 30 professionals specializing in oncology.

De Torres Sanahuja, Santiago - Executive president
Lozano Fernández, Isabel - Chief Executive Officer
Cordón-Cardó, Carlos - Scientific vice chair
Greco, Carlo - Medical Radiotherapy Vice Chair
Huch Ginesta, José María - Chief Financial Officer
González Rumayor, Víctor - R&D Director
Colomer Valero, Anna - Diagnostics Director
Dr. Mundt Dussel, Eduardo - Director of TeleRadiology
Dra. Guzmán, Gabriela - Chief Financial Officer
Salord Bertrán, Pedro - Business Project Manager
Pérez, Cristina - Business Project Manager

Within the diagnostics business other than in the area of oncology, Atrys uses telemedicine to provide its services in the medical specialties of radiology, cardiology, ophthalmology and dermatology, using its own technology platform. This activity benefits Atrys's business relationship with stakeholders in the health sector, in a simmilar manner as in the field of oncology.

Research conducted by the team of Atrys in collaboration with international medical centers of academic excellence has produced results indicating that Single Dose high intensity radiation treatments allow to activate different biological mechanisms for tumor cure that are not activated with conventional radiotherapy.

The company model includes a molecular diagnostic methodology for individual tumor phenotyping that generates information that allows the specialist to identify which clinical approach is more appropriate for each patient and, in particular, to identify those who can benefit from the single-dose stereotactic body radiation therapy (SD-SBRT or Single dose radiotherapy).

Atrys is born with the mission to help people live healthier lives with a prolonged life expectancy.

To do this, it seeks to facilitate access to medical diagnosis and treatments of excellence, overcoming physical location barriers between doctor and patient specialist.

Atrys Health