Nanomol Technologies, S.L. is a privately owned company delivering:

  • Advanced solutions and technologies to obtain high-added value products by particle design and nanoformulation.
  • Advanced cGMP particle characterization services.

Nanomol Technologies, S.L. delivers advanced solutions to obtain high-added value products by particle technologies and nanoformulation. We offer our Proprietary Platforms for the formulation of innovative functional materials, together with advanced cGMP particle characterization services.

Nanomol Technologies was Founded in 2010 by academic researchers from Materials Science Institute of Barcelona — CSIC, having wide expertise and recognized excellence in the synthesis, processing, and study of molecular functional materials.

Located in the Barcelona Autonomous University Research Park, Nanomol is provided with excellent interaction with scientific technical services, academic research groups and biotech, pharmaceutical and chemical companies. Nanomol Technologies has developed and commercializes DELOS proprietary platforms, useful to innovate, develop or improve new and existing products in areas like pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, biocides and medical devices.

  • Area of Activity
  • Nanotechnology
  • Research Centers
  • Biomaterials
  • Cellular and molecular biology
  • Company type
  • Technology Services
  • Public and Private Organizations - Non Profit Centers - Medical Research Facilities
  • Health Biotechnology
Edifici Eureka, Campus de la UAB,
Bellaterra, Barcelona 08193, ES
P: +34 935 868 963

Executive board
Santi Sala Vergés
Supervisory board
Jaume Veciana Miró &
Nora Ventosa Rull
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Innovation by particle design on pharma, biotech and healthcare products.

Advanced technology platforms

Advanced technology platforms producing particles with outstanding properties.

Particle characterization

High-added value particle characterization services for analysis of raw materials (APIs), intermediates, final products.


Passionate about development and characterization of nanomedicines and particulate products.

high quality Development and analysis

High quality development and analysis services by following GMP, ICH, Ph.Eur., USP, ISO guidelines and standards.

Highly qualified team

Experienced and highly qualified team to become your best R+D partner.

Environmental commitment

Commitment towards environmental and social needs, through technologies focused to generate better health care products in a clean and responsible manner.

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Kern Pharma
Bioquim S.A.
Orrion Chemicals
Laboratoris Feltor
Tedec Meiji

Nanomol Technologies