SiTec PharmaBio is a privately held, technology based SME, established in 2009 at the Parc Cientific Barcelona by a group of scientists and managers with international experience in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

It focuses on the development of innovative technologies for drug formulation and delivery. The technologies are based on the exploitation of the unique properties of liquid-dense CO2 during the expansion phase. With an exclusive license agreement with Messer Group (Germany), and through its own patents, SiTec offers a simple and innovative cryospraying technology (Variosol®) for the production of formulated, composite microspheres. The technology is applicable in various life-science sectors, such as pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nutraceuticals.

SiTec PharmaBio focuses on the R&D of novel products, with market potential and unmet clinical needs, to develop them into outlicensing opportunities. We have also established R&D collaboration programs with Clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and natural products sectors, to develop their proprietary molecules, or reformulate drug products according to their lifecycle management strategies.

We have joined the Supercritical Fluid network (SCFN) and established a collaboration with Exenia Group (Italy), to develop a line of integrated technologies based on dense-supercritical CO2, including the processing of natural materials, extraction and separation of purified biomolecules from natural resources, formulation of the extracted substances into microspheres, to obtain semi-finished micronized powders ready for fill-and-finish as nutraceutical products.

SiTec PharmaBio also offers consulting services to pharmaceutical and biotech companies supporting clients in EU and Asia with expertise in drug formulation and product development including drug delivery technologies, and regulatory compliance for the preparation or revision of CMC part of dossiers for biotech and small organic molecules. It also offers professional training in collaboration with "The Center For Professional Advancement" (CFPA), (USA).

SiTec PharmaBio has been awarded in 2016 the Innovative SME Seal from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), as a recognition of Company’s innovative R&D activities in the areas of drug delivery and microparticles engineering.

  • Area of Activity
  • Vitamins and nutrition products
  • Nutrition
  • Drug development
  • Drug Delivery
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  • Agrifood Biotechnology - Vererinary - Environmental
  • Health Biotechnology
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SiTec PharmaBio founders and executive directors, Dr. Hana Danan, Ph.D, and Dr. Pierandrea Esposito, have about 25 years of professional experience in biopharmaceutical product development, having worked in multi-national companies.

Non-executive partners are experienced professionals in the nutritional and bio-economics area (Dr. Sandra Bukkens, Universidad Autonoma Barcelona), and in agricultural biotechnology applied to the agrofood sector (Dr. Pilar Barcelò, Ph.D, CEO of Agrasys SL, Barcelona).

SiTec’s advisors are experienced professionals in the US Pharmaceuticals industry, with more than 25 years experience, currently holding management or executive positions in the industry, in the R&D and Regulatory sectors. Dr. Amale Hawi, Ph.D, is a Pharmaceutical Consultant and R&D Senior Advisor at Trevi Pharma, Dr. Brian Walter, Ph.D. ,is currently Executive Director, Regulatory Affairs at Regeneron.

SiTec relies on a number of key collaborations with technology and materials providers, service companies, R&D centers and academic Institutions to perform its R&D programs and activities for Clients

SiTec PharmaBio focuses on early stage R&D of novel drug products, with market potential and unmet clinical needs, to develop them into outlicensing opportunities.

We collaborate with Clients in the pharmaceutical, biotech and nutraceutical sectors, to develop their own proprietary molecules, or to reformulate drug products according to their lifecycle management strategies.

SiTec collaborates with companies developing nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals products extracted from natural sources, or obtained from recycling of bio-waste generated by the biotech or agrifood industries


Drug product development
Drug Delivery
Microparticles technology
Formulation development
Nutraceutical products
Renewable raw materials from natural sources
Supercritical CO2

Pharmaceutical technology
Health Biotechnology

  • Extensive experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, and specific expertise in early stage drug product development
  • Effective solutions to address complex drug delivery and bioavailability challenges
  • Integrating formulation development knowledge with processing by CO2 cryospraying technology to achieve optimal micronized products.
  • Access to a portfolio of patented technologies, based on the unique properties of expanding liquid-dense CO2 in the spraying process
  • Flexible microparticles design based on different classes of excipients (lipids, polymers, and composites) to obtain the desired drug product performance
  • Through the SCFN, access to an international network of expertise in the areas of equipment engineering, supercritical extraction, micronization, IT development.
  • Access to a one-stop shop for clients interested in developing products from natural sources, or from recycling bio-waste generated from the processing of natural sources
  • Positioning to respond to the circular economy needs by deriving valuable products from bioindustrial or agri-food sector waste.
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech companies
  • Nutraceutical products companies developing high added value, performing products
  • Companies involved in recycling and valorization of by-products originated from bioindustrial processes
  • Fine Chemicals companies developing lipid based, micronized materials
SiTec PharmaBio