Applying the most innovative and disruptive technologies to diagnosis and research in "One Health" , Vetgenomics SL is an international leader with expertise in genomics, microbiome, and pathogens.


To provide the experimental and technological approaches that are more suitable to our customers' needs, increasing the added value of their products and becoming a partner of choice in R + D in the fields of biomedicine, genomics, genetic diagnosis, microbiome, and clinical metagenomics.

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  • Armand Sánchez - Board
  • Olga Francino - Board
  • Laura Altet - Board
  • Montse Sala - Board
  • Anna Cuscó - Project Manager Microbiome
  • Sara d'Andreano - Industrial Doctorate Student
  • Joaquim Viñes - Industrial Doctorate Student
  • Lorena Serrano - PQM
  • Marta Hernández - PQM
  • Erica Pérez - Laboratoy
  • M. Justa Martín - Laboratory
  • Alicia Talavera - Administration and Customer service
  • Microbiome

Microbiome profile by massive sequencing of the hypervariable regions of the 16s rRNA gene for bacteria and the ITS-2 region for fungi and yeasts.

  • Detection of pathogens

Vetgenomics specializes in the detection of pathogens by DNA, with consolidated experience in those transmitted by vectors (fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes).

  • Determination of Leishmania by quantitative PCR

This technique allows to accurately quantify the parasitic load, giving the number of parasites per sample.

  • Individual identification and paternity test

Individual identification in dogs, cats, horses, and raptors (Falco peregrinus, Falco biarmicus, and Falco cherrug) with microsatellites.

  • Can-ID

Can-ID is a product developed by Vetgenomics that enables the genetic identification of canine samples aim at reducing the problems of both canine depositions on public roads and the identification of stolen or abandoned dogs.

  • Hereditary diseases and characters of interest

Own determinations and others in collaboration with Optigen and VETGEN (USA) and Antagene (France) to facilitate the diagnosis to our clients.

Vetgenomics offers know-how and state-of-the-art technology in the molecular genetics field allowing your company to become more competitive by raising the innovation scope and increasing the added value of your products.

Vetgenomics offers to your company not only an R+D+I partnership, but the possibility to develop, optimize, validate and transfer any technology you would need, assuming the specialized knowledge and skill your people would need.

Vetgenomics is currently developing R&D projects in collaboration with other companies and public institutions focused on biomedicine, genomics, genetic diagnostics, microbiome, and clinical metagenomics.

Companies and public institutions focused on biomedicine, genomics, genetic diagnostics, microbiome, and clinical metagenomics.