We are a customer-centric contract development and manufacturing organization with extensive experience providing solutions and services for recombinant protein production

Our mission is to work in your recombinat protein to achieve a quick and efficient success.

We are experts in the optimization of all bioprocess stages and, our main goal is to help you to produce more by less. The biologist and biotechnologist who composed our Molecular Biology & Microbiology team have many years of experience working with all the platforms commonly used to express proteins, from well-known microbial hosts like E. coli or Pichia pastoris to mammalian or insects cell lines. Furthermore, we have acquired expertise with other innovative solutions: bacteria like Bacillus,yeasts like Saccharomyces or even fungal platforms like Trichoderma or the revolutionary C1.

We have also developed and have available many tools in-house to improve and increase the protein expression levels of most microbial strains and cell lines. With this portfolio, we can easily demonstrate that there is no challenge too complex for us.

Our chemical and process engineers are experts in the up and downstream process development and improvement. We can help you to reduce your production costs by improving your fermentation conditions, optimizing your culture media and helping you to scale-up efficiently your process. To do this, we have several 1, 5, 10, 30 liter-reactors and a hundred-liter reactor fully monitored. Process development also includes the downstream of the culture’s broths, clarification by centrifugation, tangential flow filtrations by means microfiltration or ultrafiltration that are combined with diafiltration and chromatographic columns. Upstream and Downstream processing is then simplified, characterized, optimized and registered.

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We are a multidisciplinary team of almost 30 people including biologist, biotechnologists, chemical and process engineers with over 15 years of experience overexpressing proteins.

Organism Selection & Improvement: We provide services and tools to express your products in a wide range of microbial expression systems: yeast (like Pichia or Saccharomyces), fungi (i.e. Trichoderma, Aspergillus and the revolutionary C1) or bacteria (like E. coli, Bacillus, etc.).

BioProcess Development & Scale Up: We are expert in bioprocesses optimization, scale up and providing solutions for product purification, if you are thinking of go further, may we can help you

Contract Productions: If you are looking production capacity for your batches, we can offer our knowledge, the facilities and an efficient operation structure to you.

We Believe We Are Your Perfect Partner In Making Your Recombinant Proteins To Reach The Market, Due To 5 Important Reasons:

Guarantees: More than 98% of proteins in our hand have improved their production and/or recovery yields. The remaining 2% were cases where we targeted an IP-free strain and the yield obtained was the same as the ones obtained at lab scale or for non-proprietary strains.

Experience: We have a vast experience in protein manufacturing, we have worked with a broad catalogue of proteins, like enzymes, biosimilars among other monoclonal antibodies, fusion, chimeric or fragments proteins and so on. So we can help you to save time, you can focus on your protein application and demonstration, and let this part of the overall project in our hands. We will perfectly support you to succeed

Without Waiting Lists: We have the flat structure, customer oriented of a small and reactive partner to reduce the development times.

Price: Maybe is not the main point to consider when selecting your CDMO, but obviously that is an important one. We believe that the most expensive project is that the one that never goes ahead. We are very competitive in price and, no matter how complex the project may be, we are positive our research team will be able to pinpoint and execute the right solution to hit your target.

Y/Our Project: We would like to be your external R&D department, with an open communication and confidentiality to integrate both teams to boost your internal R&D capabilities. We care about the success of your projects as if they were our own.

We are a customer-centric contract development and manufacturing organization with extensive experience providing solutions and services for recombinant protein production.

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