BDI Biotechnology provides solutions and services for Industrial and Food sectors to bring ideas from bench to reality in 2 main fields:

->Microbial biotechnology for the development and scale-up of processes using microbes as cell factories

->Biotransformation for the valorization of industrial by-products into beverage, food and feed ingredients

If you need to boost your R&D capacities we can help you to achieve your goals in time, quality and cost.

  • Area de Negocio
  • Vitaminas y productos de nutrición
  • Seguridad alimentaria
  • Revalorización de Residuos y Biorremediación
  • Proteínas
  • Nutrición
  • Microbiología
  • Fabricación y comercialización de microorganismos
  • Fabricación y comercialización de enzimas
  • Fabricación de equipos Biotech
  • Cultivos celulares
  • Biología celular y molecular
  • Alimentación funcional
  • Alimentación - detección de sustancias
  • Agrobiotecnología
  • Tipo de Empresa
  • Biotecnología agroalimentaria - Veterinaria - Medio ambiente
  • Biotecnología industrial – Fabricantes
  • Biotecnología sanitaria
Louis Proust,13
Boecillo, Valladolid 47151 , ES
T: (+34) 983 54 85 63

We gather more than 15 years of experience with a unique view for speed-up and de-risk the producto development and it is now an asset at the service of our customers.

Best Outsourcing Option: Fast, Agile and Flexible. High quality at competitive cost with open communication, reliability and confidentiality. Excellent to support your internal R&D teams.

First Class Facilities: Do not invest in expensive lab/pilot equipment when you can do it in results for your developing projects using our ready to use facilities.

Talking your language: Experimental to reality translators, we take benefits from high quality technical works to scale up bio-based projects to convert them into
realities. From mg/l to €/year.

Organism Selection & Improvement: We provide services and tools to express your products in several microbial expression systems: yeast, fungi or bacteria

BioProcess Dev. & Scale Up: We are expert in bioprocesses
optimization, scale up and providing solutions for producto purification, if you are thinking of go further, may we can help you.

Contract Productions: If you are looking production
capacity for your batches, we can offer our knowledge, food grade installations (EU and US authorities approved) and operation structure to you.

Project evaluations: We are experts in projects evaluations from lab to reality through our multiangle evaluations (technical, economical, sustainability, engineering, etc.).

We have gathered an experienced and multidisciplinary team including biologists, chemists, biotechnologists, and chemical and process engineers who operate our 2200sqm facility which is specifically designed and ready to use for the development of biotechnological projects in the Agroindustrial and Food sector

Molecular Biology & Microbiology Lab: Updated molecular biology tools, techniques and equipment, cell banking, and multiple expression platforms (bacteria, yeasts and fungi)

BioProcess Development and Scale-up Pilot Plant: Various fermentation scales, from small flasks to stirrer reactors from 1L to 100L fully monitored and automatized

Downstream Processing Pilot Plant:
Product purification from different volumes, from lab to pilot scale by centrifugation, tangential flow filtration with different membranes and chromatography.

Analytical Labs: Process monitoring, enzyme activity measurements, protein and fiber characterization

BDI biotech provides solutions and services for Agroindustrial and Food sectors to bring ideas from bench to reality.