Flomics introduces a liquid biopsy with cell-free long RNAs (cfRNAs) for the early detection of complex diseases, such as cancer. From a simple blood draw, an asymptomatic individual has the chance to be screened in a minimally invasive way and to understand if he/she needs to move on to more complex exploratory analysis. This is particularly important for individuals with >50 years of age, familiars of cancer patients or high-risk populations, e.g. smokers.

In order to help in the current pandemic we are living in, Flomics has joined forces with international biotech partners, specialized in Next Generation Sequencing tests, to develop a cloud-based data analysis solution for COVID19 detection and research. Combining the unique features of the different experimental sequencing kits available for SARS-CoV-2 detection (either metagenomics or ampicon based), we maximize the information extracted from each single experiment performed in a reliable, sensitive and automated way.

Our platform helps hospitals, clinics and research laboratories in transforming raw data into interpretable clinical information that will help manage this pandemic, without the need for computational infrastructures or bioinformatics expertise

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C. Dr. Aiguader 88, 3rd floor
Barcelona, Barcelona 08003, ES
T: +34 933161908
  • Joao Curado (CEO), the entrepreneurial lead, is the head developer of Flomics’ bioinformatic pipelines and the responsible for the daily operations;
  • Esther Lizano (CSO) is the molecular biologist that developed the experimental protocols and an expert in RNA and next-generation sequencing (NGS) techniques;
  • Luis Korrodi (CBO) brings a vast experience in healthcare consultancy and acts has the market access, business development and regulatory affairs lead;
  • Roderic Guigó is an international KOL in RNA field and acts as our scientific advisor;
  • Marta Pozuelo, our senior bioinformatician, responsible for the data analysis and statistics behind our products;
  • Lluc Cabus, PhD student in training and always ready to fill any gap needed either in wet or dry laboratory;

Our skills are complemented by our stellar advisory board: Albert Abad, medical oncologist with vast experience in diagnosis; Rory Johnson, expert in RNA and diseases; Alan Barrel, expert in business and internationalization.

We offer end-to-end solutions for hospitals and researchers who want to implement Next-generation sequencing (NGS) data in their research or clinical practice. From molecular protocol definition and implementation to personalized reporting and data analysis.

Our speciality is liquid biopsies with cell-free RNA but we are flexible and adapt to our collaborator needs.

To help healthcare providers fighting the COVID-19 pandemic we developed a specific cloud-based platform that can analyse NGS data remotely, in the cloud, without the need to learn bioinformatics.

More info: https://www.flomics.com/covid19/

We developed optimized protocols to generate meaningful and reproducible NGS data from any kind of sample, especially degraded and challenging samples such as human fluids samples.

Our cloud-based platform is fast, scalable and intuitive in order to be used by anyone independently of the level of knowledge in bioinformatics.

We have on-going collaboration with top-level international hospitals that give us access to patients and clinical information that help us design our solutions.

  • Hospitals - medical doctors interested in NGS and liquid biopsies
  • Researchers looking for partners with expertise in NGS, both at the experimental and computational level
  • Hospitals, laboratories willing to incorporate NGS analysis in their COVID-19 handling strategy
Flomics Biotech SL