AlgaEnergy S.A. is a biotechnology company headquartered in Spain that uses advanced technology and production processes to produce high-quality microalgae-based products for the agriculture, aquaculture, nutrition and cosmetics industries. By harnessing multiple, diverse microalgae strains in one product, AlgaEnergy products can benefit a wide range of crops in diverse environments facing unique stresses. AlgaEnergy is building a strong international presence to deliver its microalgae-based solutions across the globe. For more information on AlgaEnergy, visit

  • Area of Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Cosmetics
  • Biofuels
  • Agrobiotechnology
  • Company type
  • Agrifood Biotechnology - Vererinary - Environmental
  • Industrial Biotechnology - Manufacturers
Avenida de Europa, 19
Alcobendas , Madrid 28108, ES
P: (+34) 91 490 20 20
F:(+34) 91 490 47 94

Boards of Directors

Augusto Rodríguez-Villa: President and CEO
Miguel Garcia Guerrero: Scientific Director and Director
Carlos Rodríguez-Vila: General Manager and Director
Javier Laorden Ferrero: Director
Mario Fernández-Peña: Director
Agustín Rodríguez Sánchez: Director
Arturo Manuel Vega Ruiz: Director
Eugenia Zubeldia Rguez-Villa: Secretary of the Board

The most advanced production processes in the world

AlgaEnergy has not altered the natural photosynthetic process that microalgae have done undertaken for billions of years, but has developed technologies, knowledge and protocols to optimize this natural phenomenon, so that it can take place in a controlled environment and in a much more intensive way. To this end, all the variables of microalgae culture process – specific of each species - are controlled. There are several stages in the production protocols developed by AlgaEnergy.



Join us in an exciting journey from laboratory to industrial scale!

Having exclusively dedicated our first 8 years to applied research sourcing from more than 3 decades of basic R&D, consolidated in a business measure, today we can confidently say that one of the great successes of AlgaEnergy is the successful scale-up of microalgae cultivation processes, which allows us to put innovative, competitive, sustainable and highly effective products on the market.

We have two microalgae cultivation plants. On the one hand, the Technological Platform for Experimentation with Microalgae (PTEM), located at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. On the other hand, the Arcos de la Frontera plant (Cadiz), whose secondary objective is the biofixation of CO 2 through microalgal cultivation, to turn this greenhouse gas into products of high commercial interest. We also have the UPT® Production Center, exclusively dedicated to the production of our range of agricultural biostimulants AgriAlgae®.

Industrial Plant

The aim of the Arcos de la Frontera (Cadiz) plant is CO2 biofixation from real combustion gases of industrial origin in microalgal culture, to turn this harmful gas into products of high commercial interest.

The plant became operational in 2014 and is on the site of the largest Combined Cycle Power Plant in Spain, owned by Iberdrola, world leader in renewable energy and shareholder of AlgaEnergy since 2009. The main nutrient of the crop, CO2, is taken directly from the combustion gas chimney.


In AlgaEnergy, we consider R&D as the seed of all the products that we put on the market, all of them with high added-value and in very different sectors. Our firm commitment to innovation is the seed that allows us to develop innovative, sustainable and, above all, highly effective solutions for industries in which microalgae have an immense application potential.

Currently AlgaEnergy has products and solutions, based on different microalgae, for industries such as agriculture, nutrition (both human and animal), cosmetics and aquaculture, and we are studying the immense application potential for the pharmaceutical industry, in obtaining biomaterials or in the energy sector -as precursors of 4th generation biofuels-, among other applications.