About us

    Private consulting firm specialized in pharmaceutical and biotech markets, with more than 15 years dedicated to developing innovative strategies and analyzing scientific and market data. Profound scientific comprehension of the pharmaceutical market.

    Our working philosophy

    We work as part of your team, building ad-hoc projects at all times, adapted to the client’s objectives, circumstances and culture.

    We are committed to your projects and the client’s success.

    We are constantly present during the project development with continuous follow-up of the project.

    Our vision: We strive to become a reference in Pharmaceutical and biotechnological companies’ consultancy, acting as a strategy collaborator in the company activities of business and market development.

    Our Mission: Putting Your Company First

    We believe in being accessible. Our commitment goes so far as to ensure your excellence. Our business model is such that we are able to maintain full focus on your goals. Our mission is to achieve your success.

    Mission Statement: "To help and support pharmaceutical companies in strategic marketing and business development decisions and projects, offering our professionalism, methodology and experience in such fields with the objective of ensuring the client’s success"

    “Achieving growth & success through the best decisions”.

  • Area of Activity
  • Technology transfer
  • Research services and supplies
  • Research network
  • Industrial property, patents & trademarks
  • Cost optimization
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Pharmacy
  • Consultancy
  • Company type
  • Services and consulting for biotech sector
  • Public and Private Organizations - Non Profit Centers - Medical Research Facilities
  • Health Biotechnology
Paseo de la Castellana 184, planta 11
Madrid, Madrid 28046 , ES
P: 679 62 73 68 / 91 103 47 67
E:sgomez@axispharma.com / axis@axispharma.com
• Esperanza Regueras: Founder and CEO / Directora y fundadora de Axis Pharma

• Sandra Gómez: Market Research Coordinator/ Coordinadora de Estudios de Mercado

Strategic consulting for pharmaceutical & biotech companies. Axis Pharma can help to get the client success in its business, elaborating R&D evaluation, market positioning, market access, business plan and business development. Axis Pharma have also the capacity of develop medical market research and valuation of new pharma & biotech products. Specialized 100% in pharma & biotech field. Medical market research with more than 10,000 doctors in Spain.

1. Strategic Consultancy:

- Strategic consulting: Axis Pharma increases success and profitability through the selection of the best product and company strategy.

- Product positioning and Strategy: Maximizing the market value of the products using the optimal competitive positioning in each market.

- Forecast models: Combining scientific and business knowledge, Axis Pharma builds complete and accurate forecast models.

- Strategic analysis of pathology that comprises the product, of market and the future competitors, to define the optimal path in each stage of the R&D.

2. Business Development:

- Business cases: Elaboration of solid and accurate business cases, to make the best development decisions. Axis Pharma combines the scientific, strategic and business knowledge to construct the best analysis of each opportunity.

- Product Valuation: Axis Pharma maximizes the potential of companies’ products or candidates by evaluating the target market, defining the best value proposition and designing the optimal path from R&D to market.

- Licensing in: Axis Pharma helps in searching and evaluating the best product opportunities according to their respective needs.

- Licensing out: Axis Pharma evaluates and optimizes the positioning of the companies’ products in each territory, to build an attractive and profitable business case.

3. Market research Qualitative & Quantitative: Axis Pharma helps to create a value strategy for companies through market research. Get the information needed by asking our complete and segmented database, specialized in the health sector.

Axis Pharma has extensive experience in the development of business and marketing strategies, working as a division of the company with which it collaborates, therefore guaranteeing the commitment to achieve the project's success. In addition, it combines high specialization in the pharmaceutical industry and solid scientific background, thus optimizing the strategic vision throughout the life of the product.

Different client profiles, but always oriented to the pharmaceutical industry: from multinational companies to small research groups or biotechnology companies. We serve all of them with the same passion and commitment.

Axis Pharma, S.L.