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CAS is a global organization of expert scientists, technologists, and business leaders with a successful and extended history of delivering scientific information opportunities.

From our market-leading products, like SciFindern and STN®, to solutions tailored to your specific needs, we are ready to partner with you.

  • Area of Activity
  • Agrobiotechnology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Consultancy
  • Software development
  • Energy
  • Manufacture of APIs and chemical products from renewable raw material
  • Training
  • Internet and information technologies
  • Environment
  • Nutrition
  • Science - Technology parks
  • Industrial property, patents & trademarks
  • Chemistry
  • Legal services
  • Technology transfer
  • Company type
  • Agrifood Biotechnology - Vererinary - Environmental
  • Technology Services
  • Services and consulting for biotech sector
  • Industrial Biotechnology - Manufacturers
  • Public and Private Organizations - Non Profit Centers - Medical Research Facilities
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E: REspallardo@acs-i.org

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CAS offers a wide range of solutions designed to meet the needs of research, patent, regulatory, and business professionals in every phase of the innovation process.

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With over 100 years’ experience, no one knows more about working with scientific information than CAS. Leverage our expertise to customize solutions for your organization’s unique information challenges.

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Covering advances in chemistry and related sciences over the last 150 years, the CAS content collection empowers researchers, business leaders, and information professionals around the world with immediate access to the reliable information they need to fuel innovation.

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