Clinobs is a company offering a range of services for the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and companies producing food for animals, including consulting and hands-on support, as well as organization and implantation of safety / efficacy studies following EMA, EFSA or European Pharmacopoeia guidelines.

The professionals at Clinobs are veterinarians and biologists with extensive experience in conducting studies according to GLP and GCP quality regulations.

Clinobs specializes in development of the experimental (or in vivo) studies phase. At the same time, we offer our clients consulting services and management of external supplementary support (bioanalysis, pathological anatomy, statistics, etc.) to cover the different phases in the development of projects involving research.

Since 2006 Clinobs has held Good Laboratory Practice certification, authorizing it to conduct pre-clinical trials for the domestic and international markets.

  • Area of Activity
  • Animal health
  • Quality control
  • Consultancy
  • Animal food - Feed
  • Food - Substance detection
  • Company type
  • Agrifood Biotechnology - Vererinary - Environmental
  • Services and consulting for biotech sector
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Types of studies and services available from Clinobs following EMA (EMEA), European Pharmacopoeia and EFSA guidelines:

  • Studies of residue depletion in meat, milk and eggs
  • Tolerance studies
  • Studies of vaccine safety
  • Bioequivalence studies (register of generic products)
  • Pharmacokinetics studies
  • Dose confirmation studies
  • Ecotoxicity studies (animal phase)
  • Clinical efficacy studies
  • Tolerance and Efficacy studies for additives for animal nutrition
  • Pharmacovigilance: follow-up on notifications of adverse reactions
  • Post-registration studies (extra-label or marketing)
  • Studies for reprofiling products
  • Clinical studies for biotechnology industry using farm species as models for biomedical research.
  • Assessment of diagnostic equipment
  • Collection of infectious agents in the field to set up culture collections (MIC studies)
  • Supplying biological matrices and tissue for the validation of analytical methods

In turn, Clinobs offers consultancy and supplementary services for developing the entire study:

  • Liaising with bio-analysis Laboratories carrying out all their activities in compliance with GLPs.
  • Liaising with external centers specializing in clinical pathology, histopathology and statistics to develop and complete the varied study requirements, for both clinical and pre-clinical studies.

Clinobs, in addition to conducting experimental work, manages and monitors projects from start to finish, drawing up a final report describing the objectives achieved and presenting the conclusions.

Clinobs follows a Quality Assurance Program that guarantees all our activities are conducted correctly.

  • Pre-clinical studies are carried out in compliance with the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP).
  • Clinical studies are carried out in compliance with the principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Clinobs, S.L. has a Unit of Quality Assurance responsible for the implementation and maintenance of our Quality Assurance Program. It also acts inspecting and monitoring the different phases of the Studies (protocol, report and experimental phases) at Clinobs, S.L.

In August 2006 Clinobs obtained Good Laboratory Practice certification (no. 1/BPL/2006), which was renewed in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

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