Bioingenium es una empresa de servicios de R&D especialista en el Desarrollo de Bioprocesos y la producción de lotes para pruebas de concepto y ensayos pre-clínicos. Bioingenium cubre desde las etapas de desarrollo early stage hasta llevar la producción a niveles piloto.

El equipo de Bioingenium tiene una larga experiencia en procesos de fermentación y cultivo (upstream) y en los procesos de purificación (downstream). Disponemos del equipo humano y los instrumentos necesarios por producir y purificar su proteína de interés de forma flexible y escalable.

Bioingenium dispone de un sistema de expressión para Pichia pastoris y para Bacterias con freedom to operate.

Nuestros servicios incluyen:

- Desarrollo de cepas productoras.

- Producción de cantidades de proteína para pruebas de concepto en E. coli, Pichia pastoris, CHO y HEK.

- Desarrollo de procesos de fermentación.

- Desarrollo de procesos de purificación.

- Formulación de proteínas.

- Escalado de bioprocesos.

- Desarrollo de técnicas analíticas.

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Recombinant Protein Production Services

In Bioingenium we are experts in the production of recombinant proteins using different expression systems, from bacterial to mammalian cell line expression. We have many years of expertise producing and purifying difficult proteins for many different applications. Our compromise is to fulfill the customer expectations in terms of quantity and also quality of the product.

Bioingenium has developed expressions systems for E. coli and P. pastoris with freedom to operate, so our clients do not have to pay any fees or royalties to third companies. Our aim is to provide the customer with a full service that includes cloning, strain selection, analytics development, upstream development, downstream development and protein characterization.

Expression in P. pastoris

In many cases expression in E. coli could be not adequate for your protein of interests. Pichia pastoris is a good choice for proteins containing di-sulfide bridges, secreted proteins or complex proteins. Our system is able to introduce several genes into the expression strains leaving a wild type genotype without any gene for antibiotics resistance. We are recognized experts in P. pastoris with more than 20 publications in the field.

Expression in E. coli

Our vectors for expression in E. coli allow the production of g per liter quantities of protein. We have a variety of vectors that provides the capacity to use different promoters and chaperones to achieve the highest productivity.

Expression in CHO and HEK

We can provide you with transient expression of your target protein with CHO or HEK cells. High quality and quantity of recombinant proteins can be achieved from cultivation of mammalian cells and a human glycosylation profile is obtained.

Process development

A wide range of services at your disposal: Bioingenium develops an efficient production process for your recombinant proteins

Viability studies are a key point for the success of therapeutic recombinant proteins. A good bioprocess is critical since small errors could be amplified throughout the complete product development. For that reason at Bioingenium we use our experience to select the best expression system for each of the projects in which we are involved. Our processes are thought to be easily scalable to industrial scale and based on biological, technical and economical criteria.

We can cover all the developing steps in the process of production of a recombinant protein from gene design and cloning up to development of the upstream, downstream processes and scale up.

Pichia pastoris freedom to operate system


  • Secretion vs intracellular expression vectors.
  • Multiple promoters and resistance markers.
  • Multi-copy vectors.
  • Strains with chaperone co-expression.
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    Secretion and intracellular expression
    Pichia pastoris is usually a good candidate for secreted proteins thanks to its high secretory capacity. However, also intracellular proteins are produced at high amounts and are recovered after a cell homogenization procedure. Considering the protein original organism and cellular localization we can suggest you different strategies.
    Multiple promoters and resistance markers
    Inducible promoter AOX1 is the first choice for many proteins, nevertheless for certain applications and processes the constitutive promoter GAP is a very good alternative. We can use both and compare the performance expressing your protein of interest.
    Different resistance markers might be selected from a collection and combine them in the most adequate way if you want to express multiple proteins in the same cell.
    Also, our vectors are ready to remove the resistance marker gene once the expression cassette is inserted in the Pichia pastoris genome. You would get a Pichia strain without any antibiotic resistance gene and expressing your protein.
    Multi-copy vectors
    Increase your productivity by increasing the expression cassette copy number in the genome. Ask how and we would help you to improve your protein expression using our vector ready-for-multi-copy expression.

    Strains with chaperone co-expression
    Co-expression of chaperones and regulatory proteins can increase up to 10-fold your protein expression levels.
  • Nuestros clientes son empresas biotech o farmacéuticas que buscan la producción de pequeños lotes de proteína para pruebas de concepto o empresas que quieren desarrollar su producto una vez realizadas las pruebas de concepto.