Intas is a vertically integrated global company, leading in the development, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations, including Generics, Biosimilars and Added Value Medicines. With headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India), it is a family business, owned by the Chudgar family.

Intas commercializes its products through 2 channels: B2B and B2C

Intas B2B

Since March 2005, Intas B2B has consolidated its customer partnerships and is present in over 49 countries, with more than 90 partners and selling +110 products in its portfolio (Generics, Biosimilars and Added Value Products). Intas B2B is very active Europe and other regions such us Canada, Australia, LATAM, ASIA and Middle East.

Intas B2B offices are located in Barcelona (Spain).

Accord Healthcare (B2C)

Intas has set up a network of subsidiaries, under the umbrella name of Accord Healthcare to operate in global markets. Over the years, Intas has grown both organically and via acquisition, expanding its product portfolio and operations year on year. It is currently present in more than 85 countries worldwide with robust sales, marketing and distribution infrastructure in markets like North America, Europe, Central & Latin America, Asia-Pacific as well as CIS and MENA countries. Intas’ remarkable success in North America and European operations have helped us emerge as a global brand in the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets.

Every Intas product and service is a testament to its uncompromising quality standards. All products are manufactured in facilities that are approved by major global regulatory agencies including the USFDA, MHRA, EMA, TGA, MCC, ANVISA and more. Today, a segment-leading pipeline and strong in-house development capabilities allow Intas to compete with some of the biggest portfolios in the industry. Intas is currently investing in a higher barrier to entry developments such as Biosimilar and New Chemical Entities and is set to continue raising the bar of healthcare excellence, globally in the near future.

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