We strive for innovative and personalized approaches to clinical trials management and execution

In an increasingly complex environment, Pivotal’s professionals apply their deep therapeutic, scientific and analytics expertise to help our customers navigate the challenges that arise during all the phases (interventional and observational studies) of the clinical development process with IMPs, medical devices, diagnostics and nutritional products. Our goal is to provide high quality services across the entire spectrum of drug development. From start-up to completion of the final study report, performance is monitored regularly and measured against contractual timelines and budgets. Our clients enjoy the benefits of Pivotal senior management hands-on environment, operational teams working on the ground with the clinical sites and cost-effective deliverables.

By applying a variety of outsourcing models from single source to full service, Pivotal builds a flexible client relationship, and ensures a single-source provider.

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Lead the firm is our mission of delivering cost-effective and accelerated development solutions.

Pivotal has assembled a strong leadership team that combines unrivaled operational expertise and management experience with a global background. Pivotal’s leadership team contributes to managing growth and direction of the company and is highly committed to the company’s long-term goal and to foster Pivotal’s entrepreneurial culture.

Dr. Ibrahim Farr
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Dr. José Javier García
Deputy General Manager & VP Data Management and Biostatistics

Dr. Lourdes Huarte
VP Clinical Operations
MPharm, PHD, MBA

Ms Lidia Farr
VP Corporate Development & Finance
MSc Engineering

Dr. Ernesto Estefanía
Internal Medicine Medical Director and Head of Pharmacovigilance

Dr. José María Vieitez
Oncology Director

  • Regulatory Affairs and Study Start-Up
  • Clinical Trial Monitoring and Site/Project Management
  • Data Management and Biostatistics
  • Medical Monitoring and Safety Services
  • Quality Assurance and Auditing
  • Biotech Consultancy
  • Our multi-specialty medical staff is the backbone of every trial conducted since they bring in-depth therapeutic expertise and strategic advice into the drug development programmes
  • Our senior management is approachable and directly involved in the clinical studies to help achieve more predictable deliverables
  • Our operational team is energetic, client-oriented and deeply knowledgeable in managing and executing clinical trials and studies at the highest quality standards
  • Our target is to deliver cost-effective solutions for our clients and not overburden them with the challenging overhead costs

Biotechs and Pharma Cos, medical devices, nutrition and others