We are a team of engineers and technicians with 20 years experience in the sector. Our
expertise covers pharmaceutical engineering, HVAC, process liquids, clean room architecture, compliance & GMP. Your project’s quality is our priority.
We propose solutions to design, install, qualify and maintain your production facilities.

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Didier Le Coz
Over 20 years of experience in multinational companies in the cleanroom sector, where he has headed business development and has participated in cutting-edge technology projects in Europe, North Africa and Latin America: Synchrotron-Grenoble, BSL4-Paris, new pharma plants … In Spain, he was one of the promoters of the implementation of the ISPE (International Society for Pharma Engineering), an association of professionals in the sector, and was a member of the Steering Committee for five years.
Albert Sala
Economic-Financial Director
Expert in the management of operations and equipment, he has led several companies over the past 20 years, with a 360º vision: finance, management control, budgeting and forecasting, HR, commercial and fiscal environment, supervising the economic, financial and legal aspects of international expansion.
Guillermo Galán
Director of Operations
Has been Technical Director of Engineering at several multinationals in the cleanroom sector, managing a team of over 40 people. Customers such has B.Braun, Almirall, Alcon, Merck, Novartis, Sanofi o Fagor … have been developing projects for more than 15 years under his direction. See projects
Fidel Schüpfer
Director of Engineering
Has been Head of Production and Technical Director of several multinational companies in the cleanroom sector. Customers such as Schering-Plough, GlaxoSmithKline, Servier, Fresenius, Rovi, Ercros, Biomérieux, Indra, Bimbo … trust in his Swiss precision as Project Manager. See projects
Ramon Parera
Director of Production
Has been Production Manager of several multinational companies in the cleanroom sector. Customers such as Parc Científic, Almirall, Centro Nacional de Microelectrónica, Menadiona, Synthon-Chile, Megapharma-Uruguay… recognise his technical and project leadership capabilities. See projects.
Frédéric Pascual

MENA Director and Director of Quality
20 years ago, he created and directed the new validation service of one of the world’s leading engineering companies, where he managed global projects in over 15 countries, gaining unique international experience and skills that make him an expert in the development of new markets. He has a global, technical, regulatory and managerial vision.
Enrique Corral
Director of Business Development
Has been Project Leader and Director of Business Development at several multinationals in the cleanroom sector, carrying out the necessary actions for expansion in countries such as Spain, Portugal and Brazil. In Spain, he has participated in many projects in the pharma industry and others with critical environment requirements for their processes, such as El Pozo, Iberespacio, T-Solar, Indra, Nissan, Mercadona … He has also spoken at numerous conferences of professional associations.
Juan Subarroca
Manager South America
Over 15 years of experience in multinational companies in the cleanroom sector, where he has headed business development in Latin America. He possess a global vision: technical, commercial and management control. He ensured the development of markets as Argentine, Chile, Brazil and Uruguay. He has participated in many projects of pharmaceutical industry and other sectors with special critical requirements for their practices.

Clean room architecture
oSuspended ceilings
oFloor coverings
oLighting systems
oTransfer solutions
oPass box
oAir shorwers
oAir locks
Critical area air treatment
oTemperature and humidity control
oSterility and containment
oAir filtration and decontamination solutions
oPrimary barriers
oLaminar flows,
oWeighing and sampling cabinets oIsolators
Critical process utilities
oGeneration systems
oPurified water
oPure steam
oSterile compressed air
o Nitrogen
o Oxygen
o Control and monitoring systems
Industrial services
oIndustrial steam
oDust capture
Specific equipment
oCleaning systems
oSterilisation COP/SIP
Public works
oTurnkey projects

We are world leaders in the technology for air calculations, with “0” errors in calculation and dimensioning (reference calculation for a -40ºC dew point installation). The high qualification of our technical team is recognised by associations in the sector and universities, where they give presentations about the very latest developments.

Investigation & Development
High Technology