Abioinnova, a biomedical engineering and healthcare accelerator, is a key component within an ambitious framework, Salamanca Tech, the strategy that drives the transformation of the city into a hub of talent, combining six pillars: health, science, technology, entrepreneurship, logistics, and sustainability.

Sponsored by the City Council of Salamanca, Abioinnova's main goal is to create an innovative industrial hub in the technology sector, attracting both national and international companies as well as new enterprises with potential business ideas and projects. To achieve this, it will have specialized technical facilities and equipment on a shared basis, private workspaces, co-working areas, laboratories etc..

  • Area of Activity
  • Universities
  • Technology transfer
  • Legal services
  • Research services and supplies
  • Private investor
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  • Healthcare facilities and services
  • Engineering
  • Hospitals
  • Genomics
  • Training
  • Public financing
  • Rares diseases
  • Medical Devices
  • Research Centers
  • Cellular and molecular biology
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  • Public and Private Organizations - Non Profit Centers - Medical Research Facilities
  • Services and consulting for biotech sector
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  • Health Biotechnology
Plaza Mayor de Salamanca 32
Salamanca, Salamanca 37002, ES
P: +34 923 281 414

Abioinnova relies on the professionals of the Economic Promotion Area of the City Council of Salamanca

Abioinnova specializes in key areas of biomedical engineering, covering personalized medicine, 3D bio-printing, rare diseases, and medical device design.

Abioinnova boasts state-of-the-art laboratories and equipment divided into:

• Common areas for detailed chemical analysis.
• Molecular biology area for exploring the genetic code with specialized equipment such as the DNA/RNA massive sequencing device.
• BSL2 laboratory that provides a secure environment for handling biological agents.
• Area dedicated to 3D Bio-printing, a major innovation pillar of Abioinnova. This area includes 3 cutting-edge devices: Microextrusion 3D Bio-printer for Multiple Materials, Photocurable Polymer 3D Printer for Medical Applications, and SLM Technology 3D Printer.
Abioinnova also offers mentoring programs and specialized support in:
• Technology transfer, business development, and internationalization.
• Business model validation and international consolidation.
• Training services and legal-regulatory advice.
• Access to public and private funding.
• Support for the retention and recruitment of local and external talent for companies.

The added value of Abioinnova lies in its role as a key catalyst and facilitator in the field of biomedical engineering and healthcare within the Salamanca Technology Hub. Some highlighted aspects that provide a differential value include:

• Cutting-edge 3D Bio-printing Technology. Abioinnova stands out as a leader in this field, providing access to advanced technologies, thus opening new possibilities in the creation of tissues and medical devices.
• Specialized infrastructure that provides companies with a conducive environment for work and development, for both companies and professionals fully committed to this sector.
• Strategic collaboration network among companies, researchers, and biotech industry professionals, facilitating the exchange of knowledge and synergies.
• Unique support environment that includes the University, Research Centers, Hospital, Scientific Parks, and available industrial land. This environment creates a top-notch ecosystem for high-value projects in areas such as biotechnology, computer science, and artificial intelligence, positioning Salamanca as the biotechnological epicenter of southwestern Spain.

Abioinnova, as a specialized accelerator in biomedical engineering and biotech, attracts various customer profiles looking to boost their projects and developments in the sector. Among the highlighted profiles are:

-OTRI (Office of Research Results Transfer): Universities and research centers collaborate with Abioinnova to transfer research results to practical and commercial applications. The accelerator serves as a vital bridge between the academic and industrial realms, facilitating the transition from knowledge to tangible solutions.

-Research Spin-Offs: Emerging companies originating from scientific and technological research. Abioinnova provides a conducive environment for these spin-offs, offering resources, infrastructure, and business support to consolidate and expand their initiatives.

-Growing Biotechnological Companies: Established companies seek an additional boost for their ongoing projects from Abioinnova. The accelerator acts as a strategic partner, offering specialized services and a collaborative environment for the expansion and consolidation of these companies.

-Researchers/Startups/Companies specialized in 3D bio-printing: Abioinnova offers the opportunity to access cutting-edge technologies to advance projects that transform personalized medicine and the manufacturing of medical devices.