Biocat is the organization that coordinates and promotes the life sciences sector in Catalonia. Our mission is to dynamize all the stakeholders in this area and their initiatives in order to create an environment with a strong research system, active transfer of knowledge and an entrepreneuring business fabric that can become a driving force for the country’s economy and contribute to the wellbeing of society as a whole.

Created in 2006 at the behest of the Government of Catalonia and the Barcelona City Council, Biocat is a foundation that brings together representatives from all areas of the biomedicine and biotechnology sector: Administrations, universities, research centers, companies and support bodies.

Biocat promotes collaboration among the stakeholders in the biocluster and a number of organizations both in Catalonia and on a national and international level. Biocat proposes flexible and innovative solutions to the challenges facing the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector, always seeking the highest quality and efficacy. Biocat’s agenda is clearly client oriented and follows a firm commitment to our objectives and the people.

Biocat plays a role in dynamizing the system, facilitating access of companies and research bodies in the biotechnology and biomedicine sector to public authorities; acting as a knowledge partner for the Administration to design policies and programs for the sector; and compiling the requirements of society and the national and international markets in order to align the biocluster’s strategies for the future in a way that will guarantee success.

Biocat works to detect the major strategic international trends for forecasting needs and opportunities of the sector even before they appear.

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Baldiri Reixac, 4-8, Torre I (PCB)
Barcelona, Barcelona 08028, ES
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Biocat offers support tools and services for companies, organizations and professionals in the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector in Catalonia, which focus on:

Increase the visibility and international projection of the BioRegion of Catalonia:

  • Attendance in international congresses, fairs and missions
  • Access to national and international networks
  • Organization and attention of international delegations

Connect to all the actors of the biocommunity:

  • Directory
  • Jobs and internships listing
  • Search for partners and activities
  • Organization of sectoral meetings

Promote the capacity for innovation and competitiveness of enterprises:

  • Directory of international advisors on strategy
  • Access to the international technological supply and demand
  • Help in participating in international projects
  • Attention and response to demands

Facilitate strategic training and drive entrepreneurship:

  • Training programs (Moebio)
  • BioEmprenedorXXI enterprise creation program
  • Organization of thematic workshops
  • Personal counseling to entrepreneurs

Inform the professionals of the sector:

  • All the news of Biocat and of the sector
  • Upcoming events of Biocat and of the sector
  • Biocat's Blog
  • Clippings from the daily press (Spanish)
  • RSS channel to know the new things published in the Biocat website
  • Social media

Collaboration: from Biocat we facilitate the networking and the team work among the active agents in the Catalan biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector. We act as knowledge partner and foster the collaborative relations among entities and Administration to ensure the development and consolidation of the sector. To provide with more effective answers, we involve organisations and companies in the design of our programs, and act as a platform and meeting point to national and international projects and networks.

Flexibility; and innovation: from Biocat, we are aware to the signs of change in the environment, and prompt to design today’s strategies for tomorrow’s challenges that the sector will have to face. With a flexible structure, and adaptable to an uncertain context, we are permanently open to innovation, and we actively promote it. Our projects respond to a constantly-evolving context, and fit the changeable needs of a young and growing sector.

Quality and efficacy: Biocat pursues in all its projects and actions the highest standards of quality, aligned with the excellence of the Catalan research system and the professionalism that characterizes our companies. Efficacy and rigour are key mottos to boost the Catalan biotechnology towards the world and the future.

Customer orientation: Biocat pledges for a constant and fluent dialog with the sector stakeholders to monitor their needs in real-time and in detail, so that we can provide answers in an effective and versatile way. We understand that an essential part of our work is to reduce the obstacles that companies and centres find in their daily activity, and design tailored solutions for the different typologies of organisations that form the sector.

Commitment: Biocat’s pledge must be driven by commitment with objectives and sustained actions to yield results. An ongoing support in processes and intense dedication to actions are key drivers for the success of the planned strategy and to attain the results of our vision.

Companies, organizations and professionals in the biotechnology, biomedicine and medical technology sector in Catalonia.