The Clinic Foundation is a non-profit institution created in May 1989. Its mission is to promote, manage and perform biomedical research and provide teaching in the health sciences field, concentrating particularly on the areas of expertise of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona and the fields in which the Hospital operates either individually or in partnership with other organisations.

In fulfilling its mission, the Foundation's actions are governed by the imperative to meet the population's health needs and comply with overarching direction and planning criteria. The Foundations work is also inspired by its aim to foster health and teaching development and co-operation between peoples.

Since 1989, the Foundation has been providing researchers at the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona with the support needed to manage and develop their projects successfully and justify resource used to funding institutions. An agreement signed with the Institut d'Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS) makes the Clinic Foundation responsible for management of the significant proportion of research conducted within that framework.

The Foundation's mission is to promote, manage and perform biomedical research and provide teaching in the health sciences field. Its work is also inspired by its aim to foster health and teaching development and co-operation between people.

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Barcelona, Barcelona 08036, ES
P: (93) 227.57.07
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  • Dr. Josep Mª Piqué Badia. General Manager, Hospital Clínic


  • Dr. Jordi Alberch Vié. Vice-Rector for Research, Faculty of Medicine, UB
  • Dr. Joan Bigorra. Innovation Director, Hospital Clínic
  • Dr. Josep Brugada Tarradellas. Medical Director, Hospital Clínic
  • Dr. Elias Campo Güerri. Research Director, Hospital Clínic
  • Dr. Francesc Cardellach López. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, UB.

Members designated by the Science Comittee:

  • Dr. Jaume Bosch Genover
  • Dr. Rafael Molina Porto


  • Sr. Fernando Aguado, Executive Director FCRB


The Fundació Clínic offers a range of scientific and research support services, which it either manages directly or through associated entities.

The Hospital Clínic’s long research tradition positions it as one of the leading institutions in its field both nationally and internationally.

A significant proportion of the Hospital’s research activity is performed through the Institut d’Investigacions Biomèdiques August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS).

Research project management and administration is carried out by the Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica.


The procedures of Intellectual Property Rights allow effective protection of the majority of the results of the biomèdica research carried out at the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona.

The Clinic Foundation has included the protection of the results of biomedical research in its strategic goals, and carrying out a program to promote technology transfer to society, because of the advantages that it represents for the research groups as well as for society.

If a researcher of the Clinic Hospital of Barcelona suspects that he|she might have an idea that could need protection, he|she is kindly requested to contact Albert Zamora, Head of Strategic Marketing & Business Development.

International Health

The Clínic Hospital of Barcelona is renowned for excellence in the field of international health and is a leading point of reference both nationally and internationally. Its work in this field is based on a model that integrates a powerful research unit with world-class health care and academic institutions, such as the Clínic Hospital of Barcelona and Barcelona University, laying the foundations on which to build a presence in low-income countries (Mozambique, Morocco and others).

Among the many activities carried out by the team, the following are particularly noteworthy:


The Clínic Hospital of Barcelona provides under- and post-graduate teaching, which includes training for resident doctors and continuing professional development for Hospital staff. The link with the Faculty of Medicine of the Barcelona University is particularly significant.

The Clínic Foundation is aware of its responsibilities and requires rigour and transparency throughout every phase of development of a research project, clinical trial or other trial carried out within it.

The Clínic Foundation guarantees compliance with that stipulated by current legislation, which requires that certain processes should be completed before a research programme can be initiated. Research staff are trained to take the Clínic’s Foundation responsibilities into account in their actions and must make a conscious effort to uphold their position as trusted and humanitarian members of the organisation.

The essential regulation governing research states that no research project (basic, clinical or epidemiological) or clinical trial may be initiated unless the project or trial has been summarised in a standardised written protocol approved by the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CEIC) and, if necessary, also by the Animal Experimentation Ethics Committee (CEEA).

Fundació Clínic per a la Recerca Biomèdica