We have recently been talking about several new features that are here to stay at Alma Medical Imaging, such as our Alma mCLINIC v2.0 web viewer. Among others, we gave a lot of importance to our new Alma HEALTH PLATFORM, based on a cloud environment and designed for the digitization of medical practice and collaborative work.

Today we are going to focus on our web viewer and all the features that it offers for clinical practice. If you want to learn about its characteristics and discover its benefits, read on.

A web-based multimodality, multiplatform clinical viewer

Its web-based functioning is precisely its main feature because the Alma mCLINIC v2.0 web viewer allows you to access medical images from anywhere. Both for emergencies and in situations like COVID environment, when face-to-face care has often been relegated, this is specially important.

In addition, we must highlight its responsive design, as it works in all web browsers and on any kind of device: computer, tablet and smartphone. Adding the fact that there is no installation requirement, it becomes an extremely useful tool for healthcare professionals.

In addition, Alma mCLINIC v2.0 supports different medical imaging formats (X-ray, CT, MR, MX and ECG).

An interoperable solution with tools for the visualization of 2D and 3D images

The first thing to highlight when we talk about the functionalities of our Alma mCLINIC v2.0 web viewer is that it is an interoperable solution: you can combine it with our advanced Alma WORKSTATION viewers, our Alma HEALTH PLATFORM and other external applications for hospital infrastructure.

The web viewer includes several specific tools for the visualization and evaluation of 2D and 3D images, such as a simultaneous 2D, 3D and MPR view option, as well as interactive tools for volume rotation and manipulation. It also has functionalities for the fast loading of studies and the comparison with previous patient scans.

In addition, it integrates a specialized library of color palettes and tools for MIP (maximum intensity projection) and MiniP (minimum intensity projection) reconstruction, both useful for diagnosis.

Alma mCLINIC v2.0 not only offers us the necessary tools for the analysis of medical images, but also provides us real flexibility in the daily clinical practice. Being able to access a certified diagnostic viewer with advanced tools -from any location and any device- allows us to both streamline clinical practice and work remotely.

If we also take into account that the viewer can be integrated with our web platform for case management and DICOM image sharing, possibilities expand. Explore Alma HEALTH PLATFORM, discover the artificial intelligence tools available in our marketplace and check out their benefits.

You already know some details about our Alma mCLINIC v2.0 web viewer, but would you like to find out more?Contact us and request a personalized demonstration.

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