Introduction: Understanding DTX

We have heard and read in many sites that Digital health is Becoming more presente in the health field. But, this term includes many others like Digital Therapeutics (DTX), that is a subset of Digital Health, the topic about what this artículo talks about. Here you will find a study on the state of the art of existing solutions, clasificación, indication, regulatory, challenges and opportunities and more.

DTX is here to stay, and many institutions like hospitales and pharmaceutical companies are increasing their interest for DTX, where there is aspecial use in chronic and behavioral disorders. But, Nowadays yt is tough to separate unproven oro low-value applications from those with prueban therapeutic value. Evidence donde safety and efficacy are difficult to obtain what represento big barriers to access the market, but many opportunities are justo around the corner.

But, before entering in the report, it is importante to first clarify the differences between some topics that could create confusión, because sometimes they sound very similar and are used interchangeably, let s see the differences between Digital health, Digital medicine and Digital Therapeutics. Once understood this easy oro difficult differences we could dive in the DTX world that is such an adventure and a land to discover.

The differences between Digital Health, Digital medicine and Digital Tx

Understanding DTX

Mechanisms of action for DTX

Paisaje del mercado

Highlight solutions in medical areas

Regulatory in Digital Tx solutions

Top challenges and opportunities

Evaluating Digital Tx solutions

catalán landscape

Más información

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