Biomedicine for the future.

We aim to become a global reference in the valorization of biomedical projects in the field of the Neurosciences, supporting and promoting the transfer of technology between academia and the private sector, with special emphasis on Multiple Sclerosis. Our efforts will mainly be directed towards obtaining new innovative drugs and biomarkers, and introducing them onto the market to create a positive impact on society.
Bionure aims to help society through Biomedicine.


By developing innovative, more effective and safer treatments, Bionure’s mission is to improve the control of Multiple Sclerosis, as well as that of other neurological and ophthalmological diseases.

We aim to identify and incorporate different research projects with a strong commercial potential from the academic sphere (universities, hospitals, research centres) that potentially cover unsatisfied medical needs, initially focusing on the development of neuroprotective therapies for the early stages of Multiple Sclerosis (discovery). Moreover, we also plan to identify biomarkers that can be developed to diagnose the disease, and to be used as prognostic and predictive tests.

We will pursue the valorization of these projects, developing them to more advanced stages (e.g., completion of preclinical and initial clinical stages).


  1. To develop neuroprotective drugs for multiple sclerosis and other neurological and ophthalmological diseases.
  2. To identify new biomarkers for multiple sclerosis and to transform them into diagnostic and prognostic tests for the disease.
  3. To pursue the development of combination therapies and personalized medicine.
  4. To become a global biomedical company and a world leader in brain diseases, primarily focused on Multiple Sclerosis.

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Dalmases, 27, Local 1
Barcelona, Barcelona 08017, ES
T: (+34) 93 125 86 07
  • Pablo Villoslada CSO: Chief Scientific Officer.
  • Albert G. Zamora: CEO.

Bionure seeks to develop neuroprotective therapies for Multiple Sclerosis and other brain diseases based on the most recent discoveries in neuroscience and applied immunology. In order to aid such findings along the pathway to innovation, we will apply a systems biology approach whereby medical knowledge will be combined with the power of computers to better predict the efficacy of the therapies.


  1. Targets for neuroprotection: we are currently targeting the pathways associated with trophic factors (e.g.,nerve growth factor) and intermediate metabolism.
  2. Therapeutic Strategy: We mainly focus on small chemical compounds obtained by combinatorial chemistry and selected using functional assays that are relevant to the pathogenic events in MS and other neurological diseases.
  3. System Biology Drug Discovery: We combine current biomedical knowledge with a systems approach (network theory, non-linear dynamics and computational tools) to identify the best therapeutic targets, and to predict combination therapies and identify side-effects in advance.
  4. Modelling brain diseases: given the well-known limitations of individual animal models for brain diseases, we combine the use of models in different rodent strains (e.g. Experimental Autoimmune Encephalomyelitis –EAE- for multiple sclerosis) and those using different antigens, with in vitro models (organotypic culture, cell culture) and ex-vivo assays (e.g. immune assays using PBMC from patients and controls).

In order to benefit adequately from cutting edge discoveries, we maintain a network of collaborators from the most important universities and research centres from around the world. In particular, we maintain a close collaboration with the research groups from which the project has been spawned (The Neuroimmunology group of Hospital Clinic-IDIBAPS and combinatory chemistry unit at the CSIC).

The strategy at Bionure is to obtain the knowledge required to develop neuroprotective therapies by establishing partnerships with academic centres and clinical research organizations in Europe and the U.S.A.

Bionure is open to collaborate with academic groups and other biotech companies in EU or NIH research applications. Bionure is also willing to contribute its technology and know-how of preclinical and clinical development to other neuroprotective therapies.