With over 60 partners and more than 5,000 licenses in 400 hospitals across 30 countries, these numbers speak to the quality of our products. Do you want to join our network of collaborators? Keep reading to find out why!

Since its founding in 2005, Alma Medical Imaging has aimed to put innovation at the service of medicine, healthcare professionals, and, of course, patients. After nearly 20 years, we can proudly say that the industry continues to trust our solutions, which have evolved from fragmented products to integrable, flexible, and modular tools designed to optimize clinical practice.

Our Solutions for Medical Image Visualization and Management

In addition to Alma WORKSTATION, which comprises nine advanced and specialized DICOM viewers, we now offer other solutions that enable the integration of tools for the entire healthcare ecosystem, promoting collaborative work.

Our platform, Alma HEALTH PLATFORM, serves as the hub for managing medical data both in the cloud and locally. Acting as a Cloud PACS, it allows access to medical images from anywhere, at any time, even outside the hospital environment, thanks to our web-based clinical viewer with 2D, 3D, and MPR tools.

Additionally, we offer the option to incorporate various artificial intelligence tools for post-processing medical images across different specialties.

Our Advantages for Partners

What benefits will you gain by joining our network of collaborators?

  • You will receive a profit margin on sales.
  • We will provide installation and usage training for your clients.
  • We will offer training for your integrators.
  • You will have access to support and maintenance plans, as well as remote and on-site technical assistance.
  • Our installation resources will always be available to you.
  • We guarantee ongoing support and guidance.
  • You will have access to promotional materials.
  • You can participate in collaborative projects.
  • You will stay updated on new developments and participate in our latest innovations.
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