Histocell will join forces with VITALVIA’s sales network to bring to the professionals specialising in wound healing and their patients the product Reoxcare, innovative antioxidant dressing for chronic wounds.

This partnership will allow Histocell to benefit from VITALVIA’s expertise in the field, while VITALVIA will complement the range of products offered to professionals in the prevention and treatment of ulcers.

Reoxcare is a natural dressing, unique within the range of products hitherto used for the treatment of chronic wounds. With more than 30 preclinical and clinical studies carried out, Reoxcare has demonstrated unique antioxidant properties, and the ability to induce a natural healing in highly inflammatory environments, which is the main cause of wound chronicity such as ulcers of vascular origin, diabetic foot and pressure ulcers.

Chronic wounds pose a serious global health and economic problem. It is estimated that there are about 175 million new cases each year, including pressure, vascular or diabetic ulcers. 28 million people suffer chronic injuries annually and the estimated market this year for the treatment of these wounds is more than 5,000 Euros.

Jon Jauregui, Managing Director of VITALVIA

The agreement with Histocell allows VITALVIA to join forces with a leading and innovative company in the development of medical devices. It fits perfectly with our philosophy of offering innovative solutions in the field of health. Furthermore, Reoxcare complements the products and prevention solutions that we currently offer in Spain

Julio Font, Managing Director of Histocell

After Histocell launched Reoxcare to the Spanish market in early 2017, this agreement represents a strong boost for the commercialisation of the product since, thanks to the incorporation of the commercial team of VITALVIA, Reoxcare can reach all the territories of Spain


VITALVIA is an international company originally established for sales consultancy and based in Bilbao since 2004, in the field of medical and health products within the fields of:

  • Prevention and healing of wounds of all origin and pressure ulcers.
  • Mobilisation of people with reduced stability and mobility.
  • Solutions for respiratory problems

VITALVIA was created at that time to enable small and medium-sized Spanish manufacturers of health care products and medical devices, to discover and explore their marketing potential, both in the Spanish and European market. VITALVIA’s commitment to our customers continues to be to ensure their commercial success by making available our commercial network and our experience of more than 25 years in the sector.

Together with the provision of consulting services, VITALVIA also carries out product distribution tasks from leading manufacturers and suppliers of innovative products, that wish to enter the Spanish and Portuguese markets as a priority.

VITALVIA is, therefore, an active distributor of health products.

About Histocell

Histocell is a biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of new drugs and medical devices for regenerative medicine and cell therapy. Histocell currently has 25 highly specialised employees and production facilities authorised by the AEMPS for the manufacture of cell therapy medicinal products.

Among its main programs are:

  • Development of cell therapy drugs based on the proprietary cellular platform HC016, for the treatment of diseases mediated by oxidative stress (Acute Spinal Cord Injury, Pulmonary Disease, or Critical Lower Limb Ischemia), and Bonecure for bone regeneration. Both drugs have already begun Phase I/II clinical trials in patients.
  • Development of patented medical devices for the treatment of various diseases such as chronic ulcers, bone and cartilage defects, lesions of the oral mucosa…
  • Components and medical devices for cosmetics.
  • GMP production of cell therapy products for third parties.
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