«A company that is at the service of patients and doctors»

Labo’Life is an European pharmaceutical group producing and distributing Micro-Immunotherapy medicines. This company was established in 1992 in order to provide the necessary pharmaceutical framework for the utilization of this therapy among physicians and other health care professionals so that patients could benefit from it.

Based on the knowledge and studies of the pioneer, Dr. Maurice Jenaer, Labo’Life has developed Micro-Immunotherapy medicines that regularly incorporate the advances in the field of immunology.

The main objective of Labo’Life’s medicines is to restore a patient’s own immunity using molecules of his own immune system. All these raw materials are produced in the laboratory using biotechnology techniques. They are subject to strict quality controls and are manufactured according to international standards (GMP, Good Manufacturing Practices).

Micro-Immunotherapy medicines are composed of:

  • immunocompetent substances: cytokines, chemokines, growth factos etc.
  • general nucleic acids (RNA, DNA).
  • specific nucleic acids for targeted diseases (SNA®): Labo’Life was the first pharmaceutical company to incorporate this therapeutic innovation into its formulas and has a considerable experience in their use.

By their very nature, Micro-Immunotherapy treatments can be incorporated into any therapeutic strategy and they have a very broad range of action.

For more information visit the website: www.labolife.com

  • Area of Activity
  • Immunology
  • Company type
  • Health Biotechnology
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Labo’Life currently employs a staff of highly skilled professionals (with degrees or doctorates in pharmacy, medicine, biology, enterprise management, marketing and communications, etc.) who work in different departments: production, quality control, technical management, R&D, administration, accounting, logistics, communications, etc.

All of them contribute to the ongoing development of the Micro-Immunotherapy.

Labo’Life is a pharmaceutical laboratory that manufactures and distributes Micro-Immunotherapy medicines, which are used to treat different pathologies by regulating the patient's immune system.

Labo’Life medicines have a very broad range of action: they can be used to treat various disorders where the immune system is failing such as viral, bacterial or parasitic infections, autoimmune, oncologic, inflammatory diseases, etc. For each of these diseases, there are medicines with a specific composition and structure.

The medicines in the 2L* range manufactured by Labo’Life stimulate the regulatory and regenerative potential of the immune system without blocking or replacing its functioning and without causing it any harm.

Furthermore, in Labo’Life we trust in the importance of Research and Development and use the latest advances in medicine and biotechnology to continually improve the quality of our raw materials and the excellence of the production process for our medicines. A major line of research developed in Labo’Life is to produce our own active substances.

As a pharmaceutical company, our direct clients are pharmaceutical distributors and pharmacies. However, it is the patient who really benefits thanks to the integration of Micro-Immunotherapy into the daily work of physicians and other people working in the health sector.