Secuvita is a Spanish company that belongs to the German Vita 34. Secuvita collects, processes and stores the umbilical cord blod of newborn babies.

Vita 34 was the first and is the most experienced umbilical cord blood bank for private storage in Europe. Its founder and medical director of many years Dr. med. Eberhard Lampeter is a pioneer in the field of umbilical cord blood storage.

Experienced biochemists, biotechnologists, specialized physicians and professional medical/technical assistance staff have made Secuvita and Vita 34 into that what it is today – your specialists for umbilical cord blood. For 18 years we have not only been storing umbilical cord blood, rather we have set standards with our experience, research and innovations.

    - Founded in Germany in April 1997

    - Headquarters in Madrid since 2005 and own stem cell laboratory in Leipzig

    - 117 employees in total

    - More than 10,000 stored umbilical cord blood preparations (17.000 in Spain)

    - Revenues EUR 16 million (2011)

    - 26 uses of stored umbilical cord blood in children (status: March 2014)

    - Field of Business: Collection, preparation and long-term storage of blood and stem cell products for treating various disorders.

  • Area of Activity
  • Maintenance cell cultures
  • Stem cells
  • Cell culture
  • Company type
  • Health Biotechnology
Avenida Arroyo del Santo, 6. Planta SS.
Madrid, Madrid 28042, ES
P: 91 743 14 00

Managing director: Santiago Luengo

CommercialDirectora: Irene López

Financial Director: Rubén Alonso

Collection, preparation and long-term storage of blood and stem cell products for treating various disorders.

We have developed reliable materials and processes optimized to ensure very high quality of the stem cell depots. Highest safety and quality requirements for the entire process and its own research projects reflect the innovative claim of Secuvita - to own material developments which set standards.

Safety Kit for Collection and Transport

A child’s umbilical cord blood is a precious thing. We have conducted research into reliable materials and have optimized processes for the long-term safeguarding of this treasure. Our innovative collection kit is a storage box and a temperature monitored transport package in one. Apart from the sterile collection utensils, the kit also contains an electronic measuring chip that monitors temperature. The testers from TÜV-Süd, a German technical inspection association, confirm: “Secuvita’s collection kit clearly insulates better than that of other providers, even at extreme temperatures.”

Innovative Blood Bag

Tear-resistant, shatterproof and cold-resistant: Stems cells practically do not age any more at minus 190 degrees Celcius. Normal plastics, however, become brittle and can break at this temperature. For this reason we have developed a freezing bag after many years of research in which the umbilical cord blood can really be stored reliably.

Special Courier

Fast. Reliable. 365 Days a Year. We work with a special courier so that umbilical cord blood from all over Spain arrives at our stem cell laboratory quickly and reliably. This courier is reachable 365 days a year, and both knows and observes the special transport conditions exactly.

Personal Care Up

Professional Consultation: If a child’s stem cells could be used, parents will receive practical assistance and support from our professional consultation department. They also help to establish contact with specialists. The decision as to whether the umbilical cord blood is actually used is, however, made exclusively by the attending physician.

Mobile Stem Cell Team

If the stem cells are required in the case of a severe disease, specialists from Vita 34 bring the umbilical cord blood to the hospital. Prior to handing it over to the physician, we conduct another quality test of the umbilical cord blood and, if he/she so requests, prepare the transplantation on-site.