On the occasion of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, celebrated on February 11, the company tells the story of 5 women who represent the key contribution of women in the biomedical sector.

Biotechnology is undoubtedly a sector in which women stand out on a daily basis. Since its inception, 3P Biopharmaceuticals has been committed to female talent to assume positions of responsibility, which has led to more than 60% of these positions today being led by women.

Tomás Alarcón, Director of Human Resources at 3P highlights that: “at 3P, female talent currently represents more than half of the positions of responsibility, as shown by the fact that in the year 2022 more than half of the internal promotions have been occupied by STEM profiles”.

The International Day of Women and Girls in Science is undoubtedly an important day for 3P. On this occasion, the company wants to pay tribute to the women who every day make the advance of biotechnology possible.

Here, we share their stories with you:
Elena Erroba, Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communication
Paula Serrano, Head of Project Management System
Olga Morejón, Head of Development and Process Technical Services
Natalia Villanueva, Head of Manufacturing
Estefania Acaz, Head of Quality Control, Biological Laboratory.

Why did you decide on scientific training?

Elena Erroba: Ever since I was a child I have been curious to understand the world around me and I have always believed that science is an exciting world. I was passionate about research and I soon realized that the best way to bring science to society was through biotechnology.

Natalia Villanueva: Since I was a little girl I liked animals very much. During my secondary education I had a biology teacher who talked to me for the first time about DNA and explained the cloning process. From then on I was fascinated by genetics and after a few years I discovered biotechnology. I continued my training along this path, seeing that this branch of science had no limits and was undoubtedly the future to be able to provide solutions to many complex diseases.

Estefania Acaz: Ever since I was a child, I have been very interested in understanding why certain natural phenomena happen around us. When it came to the age when I had to choose what degree to study at university, it was clear to me that I saw myself surrounded by microscopes! I started Biology at the University of Navarra, and when we began to study the Nervous System I fell in love, so I finished my degree at the Complutense University of Madrid specializing in Neurobiology. I dedicated 10 years to basic research in this field, so I did a Master’s degree and a PhD in Biomedicine and Molecular Biology at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Olga Morejón: When I was just a teenager, someone told me that, if I wanted to be happy, I should turn my profession into my hobby and since I liked learning, discovering that there is an infinite world of science to be discovered, I decided to study Chemical Engineering and dedicate myself to Biotechnology.

How would you summarize your journey in the biotech world?

Elena Erroba: I started with a research career and soon decided that I wanted to move towards the business world, for which I studied an MBA and began working in the field of consulting, and then became Project Manager at the Spanish association of biotechnology companies AseBio, and it is there where I met 3P Biopharmaceuticals. 3P has offered me a unique professional opportunity. Having experienced the growth and success of this company since its beginnings makes me feel privileged.

Paula Serrano: I did my thesis in basic biomolecular research and I was working with proteins during my thesis. I studied pharmacy, so I have always been interested in drugs and their therapeutic application, so a biotech company combines my aspirations as a pharmacist and as a molecular biologist.

Estefania Acaz: After a brief postdoc in the United States and after living abroad for 12 years, I returned to my hometown and rediscovered the industrial fabric of Navarra. It was a pleasant surprise to meet 3P, which is committed to a business model based on scientific knowledge and puts our region on the map of the biotech sector. My greatest motivation is to be able to contribute to the treatment of human and veterinary pathologies, from a point of view much closer to its final use at this stage of my scientific career.

What advice would you give to a young woman who wants to enter the scientific world?

Paula Serrano: I would encourage you to follow your dream because it is very enjoyable to obtain research results.

Olga Morejón: Today, with more than 25 years of experience in the world of science, my message to those who are on the threshold of such a transcendental decision as to what they are going to dedicate their life to is: do not hesitate for a second; if you like it, dedicate yourself to science; it is an exciting path, full of challenges every day. Sometimes things will go well and sometimes not so well, generally you will learn more from the failures than from the things that go well the first time; but the enormous pleasure of giving a small contribution to society, of being able to help and teach others, is enough to assure you that it is worth it.

How do you feel at 3P as a woman scientist?

Olga Morejón: Working in a CDMO like 3P is exciting, every day, every project, every client is a different challenge and an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

Natalia Villanueva: I feel motivated within 3P because being a CDMO gives me the opportunity to reach that goal of being an essential part of an industry that contributes to bring to the market products that can give a better quality of life to both people and animals.

Image: Olga Morejón, Head of Development and Process Technical Services; Elena Erroba, Director of Business Development, Marketing and Communication; Estefania Acaz, Head of Quality Control, Biological Laboratory; Paula Serrano, Head of Project Management System; Natalia Villanueva, Head of Manufacturing.

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