Last April 20, Òscar Expósito (CEO, CSO and co-founder), exclusively presented in two webinar sessions our latest launch: NECTARIA LITHOPS, the cell Nectar for a D-Skin.

But what does the D-SKIN concept brings to the beauty field?

The sun light is necessary for our skin to be healthy and produce the so-called Vitamin D: the sun vitamin. Vitamin D levels are critically decreased due to the modern lifestyles, in-house habits, and an excess of sun protection cream use. An issue that can naturally be faced by cosmetics.

The biotech company is willing to challenge skin care and proposes NECTARIA LITHOPS, a novel natural active ingredient that significantly stimulates the synthesis of vitamin D by epidermal cells to strengthen, revitalize, volumize, and glow the faded skin, achieving the desired ‘D-Skin’. A new concept for cosmetic formulators that look for clean, efficient, and revolutionary ingredients to meet today’s consumers’ requirements.

Vytrus Biotech proposes a new concept for the cosmetic market, the D-Skin. What does it imply?

  • A vitamin D enriched skin
  • A Dewy skin
  • A D-lighted Skin
  • A Deeply hydrated skin
  • A D-approach for Sun Care

To create this innovation, Vytrus has been inspired by the plant Lithops pseudotruncatella (‘Living Stones’), an expert in the management of water, space, and light in very extreme conditions. Thanks to its mechanism of action from plant stem cells, NECTARIA LITHOPS, respectful with the skin microbiota, boosts vitamin D production in skin cells to create the optimal skin environment, hydrate the deepest layers of the skin, increase the skin dewiness and cheek volume, and improve oxygenation, microcirculation, and skin tone and texture.

While opening a new D-vision for the whole Sun Care market (why choosing between being protected and having a healthy skin, take it all!), NECTARIA LITHOPS approaches cosmetic applications such as volumizing and brightening formulations, tone and texture evening treatments, wellbeing & antioxidant products, dry/very dry skin formulations, dermal filling applications, moisturizers, skin densifying and structuring formulations, and radiance and glow treatments, highlighters, and colour cosmetics, amongst others.

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