Innovation 2021: stimulating vitamin D from Cosmetics

by Vytrus Biotech

​ Last April 20, Òscar Expósito (CEO, CSO and co-founder), exclusively presented in two webinar sessions our latest launch: NECTARIA LITHOPS, the cell Nectar for a D-Skin.

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Gold, Incense and Myrrh. Benefits for your skin

by Lanzaloe SL

The Three Wise Men from the East came to Jerusalem asking about the birth of the baby Jesus. As an offering, they brought him; gold, incense and myrrh. These three gifts represented Jesus' power as a ...

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Vytrus will be immersed in a Cosmetic Tour around Europe in November 2019

by Vytrus Biotech

In the last two months, Vytrus Biotech has been exhibiting at the most important events of the Cosmetic industry both locally and internationally such as In-Cosmetics LATAM in Brazil, In-Cosmetics Asi...

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Vytrus presents new active OLEA VITAE

by Vytrus Biotech

Vytrus launched its new active ingredient during In-Cosmetics 2019, OLEA VITAE PLF: The first Cellular Oil, that has won the Gold Innovation Zone Best Active Ingredient Award.

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New project in progress! Natac is part of the GO AGUACAVALUE Operative Group which aims to add value to avocado by-products for animal feed, nutraceuticals and cosmetics

by Natac Group

The Functional Food Research and Development Center (CIDAF) coordinates this innovative research project that brings together leading companies and entities: Grupo La Caña, Frumaco, Natac Biotech, Ma...

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Bicosome has officially launched its first proprietary product: the Bicosome Filling up System


Bicosome has officially launched its first proprietary product, the “Bicosome Filling up System” at In-Cosmetics 2014, held in Hamburg.

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Plantaderma launches its Bioengineered Human-like Growth Factors transiently expressed in plants.

by Plantaderma

Extensive research in tissue engineering, wound healing and photoageing in recent decades revealed the important role Growth Factors may play in reversing the effects of skin aging. They have been ...

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