The mission of the Parc Taulí Research and Innovation Institute (i3PT) is to facilitate and support activities related to research and innovation through a sustainable model that fosters cooperation between the public and private sectors. In this framework, the Institute works to promote the culture of research and innovation by attracting and developing talent through policies and arrangements that include national and/or international partnerships or alliances that provide access to global markets.

The Institute is committed to serving the community while recognizing its diversity, promoting excellence and cooperation, and respecting individuals and the environment. To this end, the Institute’s administration and governing organs have always viewed research and innovation as tools for ensuring and improving the quality of care.

The Institute’s aims include:

  • To foster and cultivate a culture of research and innovation among healthcare professionals: every year the institute organizes activities to ensure this goal is met.
  • To ensure compliance with the relevant regulations as well as to establish and uphold the Institute’s own regulations.
  • To define, establish, and maintain strategic alliances with universities, private and public organizations, companies, and networks to develop research at the i3PT.
  • To promote the transfer of knowledge to the scientific community and to the market, pursuing excellence, the creation of value, and economic returns.
  • To work toward continuous improvement, implementing all the mechanisms necessary to enable optimum quality work.
  • To respect and conserve the environment, considering the environmental impact of all activities when planning them.

  • Area of Activity
  • Research Centers
  • Cancer
  • Diagnostic - Imaging
  • Medical Devices
  • Neurologic Diseases
  • Rares diseases
  • Infections
  • Immunology
  • Metabolomics
  • Neuroscience
  • Mental health
  • Metabolic system - endocrinology
  • Company type
  • Public and Private Organizations - Non Profit Centers - Medical Research Facilities
  • Health Biotechnology
  • Technology Services
Parc Taulí S/N
Sabadell , Barcelona 08208, ES
P: 93 723 66 73

Research into:

  • Cancer
  • Infection, AIDS, sepsis
  • Neuroscience and mental health
  • Inflammation, immunology, and metabolism
  • Medical devices, information technology, and imaging
  • Epidemiology, quality improvement, and chronicity
  • Rare diseases

Basic and clinical research and cross innovation in all these areas.
We promote excellence and transfer between our research groups.

Grounded in actual healthcare
• Healthcare is our business, and our day-to-day contact with medical professionals provides the foundation for research, development, and innovation at the CSPT. The CSPT’s professionals are our main source of innovation through identifying needs areas for improvement and generating ideas that improve the level of care at the CSPT.

Capitalizing on knowledge: mutually beneficial relationships
• We strive to create propitious environments for developing knowledge that attract the best professionals for research and innovation to benefit patients at the CSPT.

Collaborative spirit: strategic alliances and networking
• Internal: ensuring an open environment that fosters collaboration among the CSPT’s research community.
• External: dynamizing innovation in the sector, furthering collaboration within the research community through European and international networks for research and innovation.

Rooted in the community
• The Institute maintains a close relationship with the social fabric, academic society, and business community of the territory to take full advantage of the complementary strengths and skills that are necessary to ensure scientific excellence in tune with the market. This mutually beneficial approach reinforces our commitment to territorial development.

Research and entrepreneurship
• The Institute provides healthcare professionals with the means to develop their investigative and entrepreneuring qualities so that they can apply their knowledge to benefit patients, not only through the direct care of patients, but also through research and innovation.

Investigators, healthcare and nonhealthcare staff, the pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment companies, and organizations, companies, and professionals working in the biotechnology, biomedical, and medical technology sectors.

Instituto de Investigación e Innovación Parc Taulí