Natac in SupplySide Stories: A sustainable business model for manufacturing ingredients of natural origin – podcast

by Natac Group

Learn about the importance of sustainable and environmentally-friendly consumption and production of botanical ingredients, the immorality of waste, and how commitments to farmers supports a regenerat...

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Insights into the function of the new chromatin remodeling complex in plants

by Centro de Biotecnología y Genómica de Plantas CBGP

Histone acetylation is an evolutionarily conserved covalent modification associated with the activation of gene expression

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Environmental Exposures During Pregnancy and Childhood Could Affect Blood Pressure in Children

by ISGlobal - Instituto de Salud Global de Barcelona

Exposome study evaluates associations between more than 200 environmental exposures and blood pressure in children

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Smart bio-based packages to improve food conservation and environmental preservation


​The aim of the BIOSMART initiative coordinated by IK4-TEKNIKER is to design and develop a new generation of packaging to extend food shelf-life.

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More than 120 people attend the SHOWW technical workshop on wastewater treatment and management

by LEQUIA Laboratory of Chemical and Environmental Engineering

LEQUIA has conducted a study to i) identify the main needs of wastewater treatment and management in Catalonia and Spain and ii) select several successful LIFE projects with potential solutions. So...

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Mercury Pollution in the Upper Valais Collaboration Announced Between the Canton of Valais and Lonza

by Lonza

The State Council of the Canton of Valais and Lonza today announced the establishment of a Coordinating Committee to address effectively the problem of mercury pollution between Visp and Niedergesteln...

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Neoleum™, an extremely oil productive microorganism patented by Neol

by Neol Biosolutions

Thanks to its research in the area of biotechnology, Neol has developed the platform MicroBiOil® able to produce oils for industrial use from the processing of organic waste as well as industrial ...

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