Telemedicine can ensure better patient care and support. Physicians can engage their patients via email, cell phone, video chat and other communication means and offer timely treatment advice.

Telemedicine is a fast-growing trend in e-healthcare and brings with it many benefits for medical entities and patients. With advancements in telecommunication, telemedicine services are also gaining popularity. Telemedicine can ensure better patient care and support. Physicians can engage their patients via email, cell phone, video chat and other communication means and offer timely treatment advice.

With high occurrences of chronic diseases, the need for better quality services and a mounting elderly population, people look forward to and welcome advancements in telemedicine. This innovative technology not only saves time, money and lives with opportune care but plays a crucial role in day to day operations of the healthcare industry. As per reports from Research and Markets, the global telemedicine market is expected to increase by a CAGR of 18.5% in the course of 2018 and the growth rate would be higher in the U.S.

The impact of telemedicine can be really useful in many scenarios such as:

  • Weekends and holidays when a physician is not accessible
  • When you are on vacation, far from home or on a business trip
  • When you wish for a second opinion
  • When you need care at the moment and can’t get to a doctor
  • A non-emergency state but require immediate attention
  • When you need a short-term prescription refill

Recent Trends in Telemedicine

  • Home-based healthcare solutions stand first when considering the latest trends in telemedicine. Its impact on patients is that they can have more control on self care. Moreover, physicians would find it helpful to retrieve patient data quickly and more efficiently with new tools and products.
  • One of the most interesting developments is the impact of smartphones, laptops, and tablets in healthcare. Physicians can now easily sync to the facility’s network or outside the practice. Patients can utilize it to monitor vital signs and transmit it to their physicians when desired.
  • Cloud storage solutions have improved the convenience much more. When a large amount of data needs to be stored, this advanced option is a practical and effective solution.
  • Health complications and hospital readmissions were some of the concerns in the past and the implementation of health and wellness programs have reduced these concerns a lot.

How Is Telemedicine Technology Beneficial?

  • Reduce travel expenses
  • Patients residing in remote areas can benefit from quality treatment
  • Enhanced monitoring and management of diseases
  • Continuity of care
  • Timely provision of suitable treatment
  • Physicians can handle more patients in less time
  • Fewer number of hospital visits required for patients
  • Timely response to emergency
  • Convenient patient counseling
  • Saves costs to patient, provider and system

Significance of Proper Documentation in Telemedicine
Regardless of all the advancements in the sector, proper documentation in telemedicine is crucial all the time. The electronic copies of the details relating to the care provided would be necessary for anytime reference of the records in future. The skilled and well-trained medical transcription professionals would help with quality medical transcription services within the specified turnaround time. This will help physicians to focus more on the telemedicine advancements to enhance productivity while obtaining accurate documentation on time.

Author: Mia Taylor

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