Zulu rams and Ovambo chicken sperm


Short blog about installation and training of SCA 6.5 at Zululand University, Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

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The Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry of the UB launches the app ModMol to observe molecules in 3D

by Universitat de Barcelona

The Institute of Theoretical and Computational Chemistry of the University of Barcelona (IQTCUB) launches the app ModMol for phone devices, which allows the visualization and editing of molecules in a...

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CiQUS is consolidated as the Center of the Galician University System with the largest amount of ERC researchers

by Centro Singular de Investigación en Química Biológica y Materiales Moleculares

At CiQUS, seven scientists have received funding from the European Research Council. In total, ten research projects have been achieved, representing approximately 14 million euros in funding. In thi...

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SOM Biotech at the BIO- Partnering JPM Virtual Event 2021

by Som Biotech

SOM Biotech announces its participation at the BIO-Partnering at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2021, being held virtually on January 11th – 15th.

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La tecnología médica que revoluciona el sector

by Alma Medical Imaging

En Alma Medical Imaging somos muy conscientes de que la tecnología médica lleva tiempo creciendo para revolucionar el sector. Sin embargo, no podemos negar que este año complicado ha acelerado much...

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El papel de la imagen médica 3D en la planificación quirúrgica de prótesis

by Alma Medical Imaging

La imagen médica 3D es una técnica que ofrece muchas posibilidades. Sin duda, si hablamos de planificación quirúrgica, ayuda a lograr mejores resultados y facilita la tarea del cirujano. En este a...

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Covid-19 drives innovation and makes healthcare investment spike

by Biocat

Covid-19 pandemic has boosted cutting-edge research and innovation, reaching a record investment for companies in the BioRegion

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New ERC project to improve the efficiency of sustainable batteries

by Centro Singular de Investigación en Química Biológica y Materiales Moleculares

USC-CiQUS researcher María Giménez-López in collaboration with CIDETEC have received a Proof of Concept grant from the European Research Council (ERC). The project will improve ...

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OncoDNA announces expansion of its services into the United States

by OncoDNA

The theranostic and genomic company signs subcontract service agreement with HalioDx’s CLIA-certified laboratory in Richmond, Virginia

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Optimizing our 'new normal' to achieve exceptional innovation in 2021 and beyond

by CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society

The past year was unquestionably challenging for many of us. As I reflect on 2020, however, it is not only the challenges that will stick with me, but also the surprising amount that was achieved. The...

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